Invisible Identity

Visual mass media, such as television or various social media sites, have become more and more popular since the last century and have a great influence not only on our everyday life, but also on our personality. The social psychologist Heiner Keupp assumes in his theory of patchwork identities, that the identity of a human being is composed out of many different identity snippets, which we pick out in the course of life from other identities.
As a result of the increasing mediatization in our society, more and more snippets from the media can be found in our own identity patchwork. This work visualizes in double exposures, the influence of specific media clippings from the youth of different age groups on their identity development.

Therefore I interviewt and portrayed 32 people from different milieus and different areas of interest, wich have been between the age of 104 and 13 years. I asked them questions about their media behavior during their youth and tried to find connections in wich way mass media could have influenced them on their identity development.

Besides a scientific work about the issue, all photographs and votes are summarized in my book Invisible Identity wich you can find here.